Billing itself as the Federal Government's official job site, that's exactly what it is. A site with government jobs. It's not a poorly designed site, just very plain and visually not exciting. Kind of like the government. There is a lot of information, but you do have to be specific with what you are searching for and the radius you are searching for. The job descriptions are very lengthy and complicated, but this is the government we're talking about. They do list broad salary ranges, but it's clear that government jobs pay well. You can also upload a resume to apply faster to jobs, and one feature that other sites could use is there is a way to check your application status. The only thing we don't like is you do need to create an account to apply for jobs, but that's not too bad considering if you're looking for a government job that can be a lengthy process and best to apply to multiple jobs. If you have enough patience to go through searching and applying for jobs on this site, you probably can handle working for the government.

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