Oh okay, it's a bistro, like a restaurant... except one with a long menu that's hard to follow. The site is about media jobs and PR jobs and looks great, but there is way too much info. The homepage requires you to scroll down for a while to see everything, which is a big no-no for web design which is interesting considering this site is about media jobs. They do have a lot of job postings and that part is easy to follow, but the rest of the cool features of the site aren't free. They offer different courses and trainings, but you have to pay for them, some costing as low as $50 up to $200. You can become an "Avantguild" member and get a discount on these courses, but that is going to cost you either $100 a year to $50 a year. For employers, the starting cost to post a job is $297. Best to spend your money with a site like if you are a corporate recruiter. We like the idea of the site, just think it's needs some refining and needs to be a lot cheaper.



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