This site is all about the finance industry, so if that's what you want to do, not a bad place to look. The layout of the site is extremely busy, you do have to scroll a lot and click around quite a bit, but they do have a good amount of jobs listed. We do like that they feature financial news and also have a good section for students that want to get into finance, and the profile creation process is fairly easy to follow. For companies, you can post jobs for a high cost and a credit system that isn't really explained, we see you can post jobs for $495 for 30 days for 5 credits, but we don't know what the credits mean. There is a number to call, but we'd like to see it explained on the site as the number is clearly bait for them to sell you more. Overall it's a good resource if you're in the financial industry and could really be special with a few tweaks to the layout.

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