Why going into management could be risky for your career

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Tue, Aug 22, 2017 by Jobbuh

Why going into management could be risky for your career

The natural progression of a career usually starts at the entry level; you work your way up, take on larger projects, make your mark, and then feel like management is the next step. In most cases it is, if you’re a ladder climber it’s an obvious move to try to advance as bigger titles usually mean higher compensation. But don’t be so quick to move up in your company as becoming a manager could actually be a career risk.

The biggest reason it is a risk is because management positions are much easier to replace and are more expendable than non-producing roles. If you’re a top sales person in your company or a top marketing person, there is a very good chance you are making more than your manager. Maybe not the CEO or owner of the company, but people with that fancy Vice President and Director title who might have large salaries would be the first to go in any cost saving crunch. The people who are bringing money into the company? They’re safe.

Depending on the company, managers can also be the ones to shoulder blame if a certain project or division isn’t doing well. Even if they are in a role that is supervisory and has nothing to do with production, the shortcomings of teams under their watch ends up falling on them. CEOs and other executives may decide to change the leader of the team rather than the members of the team. Think about most sports leagues. Usually the first person to go when a team is performing under expectations isn’t the players; it’s the coach. The same is true in business.

So think about where you want to go in your career. Getting to a management level position may feel like long term job security when in fact it is exactly the opposite. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for the stars. Just think about where you want to be if the sky comes falling down.


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