What you must have in order to make a 100K salary

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Wed, Jun 07, 2017 by Jobbuh

Want to make six figures? Here’s the character trait you must have

The six figure salary is something every American worker strives for. Yes, seven would be nice, but unless you’re a CEO, the Wolf of Wall Street, or a professional athlete, it’s more realistic and attainable to go for six figures. But it’s not as common as you think. According to the most recent US census data, only 17% of American households had income over $100K, and only 7% of workers individually recorded that mark. So don’t feel bad if you’re falling short of that.

Who are these people making that kind of money and what makes them able to reach that? Large salaries are typically given to CEOs and executives of companies who have spent decades working, or doctors who have spent 8 to 12 years in school and training, so they have earned it. Do you dream of becoming a lawyer? They typically make under 100K for many years, only cracking that mark when becoming a partner or finally opening their own practice. It’s not easy to make that kind of money, and it’s not something you can expect to get right away.

Can you make over 100K without being a doctor or lawyer or running a fortune 500 company? Most division vice presidents or directors in large companies are paid that, as are people who are top sales producers in commission based businesses. But that is also something that is earned, and everyone who is in that type of role shares one trait in common that is vital if you’re going to make the big bucks.

The most important characteristic to have if you’re going to make over 100K a year is to have thick skin. You must be mentally tough and ready to handle anything that is thrown your way. This includes angry clients, co-workers, upper management, or anyone associated with your business. This includes being asked to board a plane or hit the road without any notice to represent the company. Have a fear of presenting in front of a large group of people? You’re not ready to be a 100K earner.

Think about people in jobs that tend to come with high salaries. Being a doctor sounds great, until you realize they spend a lot of time with patients being yelled at or even physically attacked. Ever hear of on call? That means doctors go to work when they’re not working. Want to be a lawyer? They spend a lot of time getting berated by other lawyers, and nothing can challenge your mental toughness more than a judge that wants to see you fail. Looking to move into management and become a CEO? When the company doesn’t succeed, be prepared for investors to chew you apart and to fall on the sword and be accountable for your employees falling short.

So the 100K salary is definitely attainable. Just make sure you’re tough enough to handle it.


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