What You Didn't Realize About Socializing at Work

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Wed, Nov 02, 2016 by Jobbuh


This post is for all you anti-social butterflies and even if you're not anti-social, you could still benefit from reading this. This post is about career success. If you think ducking your head and slinking past your coworkers on the way to your desk, or keeping your social interaction to a minimum grunt and nod will get you a promotion, think again. Being a hermit at work won't get you a big corner office with a gorgeous view of the horizon. Forget a fancy room and title, not socializing enough might make your work life miserable. Read on to learn how socializing can make you want to come to work everyday and maybe even land you a higher position.


Making the Workplace More Comfortable and Familiar

Taking the time to get to know your coworkers and managers should be a goal especially at the start of a new job. Beginning work at a new company can be intimidating at first. It is important at this stage to start feeling comfortable in the workplace since you will be spending a good portion of your time there. Acclimating to a new surrounding is easier when you start getting to know the people around you. Socializing with your coworkers can help you get more comfortable around them and make you feel more at ease. Compare it to moving to a new country where you don't know the land, the people, or the language. Shutting yourself inside your new home with no human contact won't do you any good. To survive in this new environment, you need to know your way around and that includes being able to communicate with other human beings. Otherwise, how are you going to put bread on the table if you don't even know how to say the word "bread"?


Being Happy at Work

Who is actually happy at work? A job is just a means to make a living right? Wrong. There are actually people out there that are very happy with their jobs and many of them got to that place through hard work. Some of them started off with jobs they hated before they reached their dream jobs. That doesn't mean they didn't make the most out of a job they didn't neccessarily love. When a day at work is rough, it's always nice to have some coworkers to go to and share your troubles. Joking around with your coworkers might just cheer you up and put some pep back in your step. Having friends at work makes you want to come to work. Especially if you're someone who lives alone or is away from family and freinds, making your workplace pals your family can be a great way to relieve homesickness. If you already love your job, you can make your work experience even better by socializing with your fellow employees.



Do you want to be a top performer at your company? Then get to socializing. Some might think that socializing will hinder an employee's productivity. This is absolute bull. A happy worker is a productive worker! We're not saying you should go into work and party all day, but make time for socialzing because it could boost your productivity and efficiency. Having friends at work can lift your spirit and boost your confidence - all signs of being happy - so this will ultimately affect your work ethic. When you feel like part of the team, you will be in tune with the other worker bees. Everyone's energy will be up and great vibes lead to team success!


Connections with the Right People

Now let's talk about that promotion. You've been working so diligently for months now, increasing productivity and sales, and you're very deserving of a promotion. So guess what? I'm going to go ahead and give Jim here the promotion and not you... Why are you shocked? Jimbo here is just as hardworking as you but he's done one thing far better than you have, and that's showing his face in my office just to say hi. Yup, that's it. Ok, so maybe this is an exaggerated scenario of how your boss tells you they picked another employee for a promotion. Your boss may never even have this conversation with you. They may not have even noticed you or your efforts because you never made a connection with them. I'm not saying you need to suck up to your boss 24/7 but it would help your career if your boss liked you and knew about your achievements. Aside from your boss, you should socialize with as many people as you can, whether its other staff in the office or people you meet at a work related event. By making these connections, you will open up new opportunities. You never know who might have the key to your success.


Building Relationships and Making Life Long Friends

Sometimes you just build great relationships with your coworkers and it doesn't have to be to solely to get ahead in your career. In fact, if that was the only purpose, then it would be vain. If you meet some really cool people at work, it doesn't hurt to reach out to them sometimes and get to know them. They may end up being life long friends who you can turn to even if you've moved on to other ventures.  We are people. We are social creatures. We are meant to thrive off of relationships and human connections. There's no reason to shy away from this natural behavior in the workplace.


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