How to survive the work day while pregnant

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Wed, Oct 12, 2016 by Jobbuh


You just found out your pregnant. Congratulations! This is exciting, scary, overwhelming, and every other emotion that you can think of. Oh and you also have a full time job. While your baby may only be the size of a pea right now, that baby is going to affect your workday more than you could ever imagine. First off, your doctor is going to tell you to cut back on the caffeine, so if you typically drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day, eliminating caffeine alone is going to kill your routine of how you get through your work day. Not to mention the hormonal changes your body is going through is going to kick your butt. In your first trimester, expect to get tired from just breathing, have a heightened sense of smell (not a good thing depending where you work) and prepare yourself for morning sickness, or for some of us all day sickness. Here are some tips on how to survive your first trimester while working.

1. Sleep as much as possible-This may sound like common sense and simple, but I cannot stress the importance of sleeping as much as you can. Don't be ashamed if you are hitting the sack by 7 pm. Your body is going through a lot and needs to rest. Sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. Make sure you take advantage of your days off and nap during the day. This will help you get through the week a little bit easier. 

2. Gin-Gins- I swear by these ginger candies. They also have a chewy version that are also delicious and really help with morning sickness. I have these everywhere, in the car, in the house, at work, and in my purse. These have been a blessing to me and help me make it through the day.

3. Drink lots of water- Another way I have found to combat morning sickness is to drink ice cold water. Plus it's extremely good for your body and your baby. Drinking lots of water helps get nutrients to the baby, helps prevent dehydration, and even can help with fatigue. 

4. Snack- Another way to combat morning sickness is to snack throughout the day. This way your stomach doesn't have to work as hard it would if you eat 3 large meals. Make sure your snacks are on the healthy side because greasy food tends to increase nausea. My go to snacks have been apples and peanut butter, oranges, cheese, and cereal and milk. They are light and yet leave a feeling of fullness when done eating. 

5. Pace yourself-During your first trimester, you may not be able to put out the type of production that you are used too. Make sure you are pacing yourself so that you don't make your body feel more tired and stressed. Don't be afraid to take one or two sick days just to sleep in and give you and your baby the rest that you need. 

Hope these help. Wondering what other pregnant moms have done to make it through the work day? 


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