How to Pick the Best Secret Santa Gifts for Work

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Wed, Dec 21, 2016 by Jobbuh

People love the Holiday season. Why? There's this festivity surrounding the holiday season; lights, music, food, and gifts! It's a time to get close to your loved ones. It's a time to give. It's a time to think about others. With Christmas coming around the corner, people are in a frenzy to get the best gifts for their friends and family. Even though the gift giving season is supposed to be pleasant and joyful, there is a lot of stress and pressure that comes with gift buying. Some people may even start thinking of gifts for the next year as soon as January comes. On top of buying gifts for our family and friends, some of us have to add our co-workers to the list. Since it's the time to give, why leave out the people you spend more time with than your family? 

Many companies love to participate in Secret Santa. It's a great way to bring the holiday warmth and festivity to the workplace. If you didn’t know, Secret Santa is a gift exchanging activity where you are assigned a person at random to gift. The person you are assigned can guess who got them the gift. You have the option of letting the person know by including your name on a card or you can remain a “Secret Santa.” Secret Santa is a fun activity but there is always an uncertainty while buying a gift. What if the person you chose from the raffle isn’t someone you know quite well? It’s a little bit different choosing a gift for a coworker especially if you’re not close, versus choosing a gift for your mom or dad. So if your company is holding a Secret Santa, you might be wondering what to get for your coworkers. Well, we have constructed some guidelines to help you find great and appropriate Secret Santa gifts for your coworkers. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy.

You don't have to go crazy here. Secret Santa is usually an opt in activity so it is not mandatory that you participate. Since it's a gift you are buying for a coworker and not, say a close family member, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars. This is not expected, so don't stress out over buying a luxury item for your Secret Santa recipient. If your recipient is someone close to you, you may get them something really nice if you would like, however, you also want to avoid making that public in the office since not everyone is going to be gifted luxury items. You can give them this kind of gift in private in this case.

Keep it classy

I know I said you don't have to buy expensive gifts for Secret Santa, however, you do want to make sure your gift is still classy. You don't have to spend that much, but avoid regifting things like free sample shampoo packets. No one wants your shampoo samples...

Coffee mugs

Almost everyone drinks tea or coffee, so this is a great gift to give to a co-worker. Even if they don't drink these caffinated beverages, they can always use it for water and other drinks. Plus, you can find tons of them packaged with a set of small gifts during this time at your average store so you get a better gift and the most bang for your buck.


Books are a creative gift, especially if you know your coworker is a bookworm. If your coworker likes to cook or bake, get them a fun recipe book!


You can get a little more creative for your spontaneous and fun seeking coworkers. Board games a great gift for these types!


Have a coworker that likes to collect things or has a lot of keychains? You can find all sorts of gift trinkets on the shelves during the holiday time.


Candles make an excellent Secret Santa gift. People love lighting candles during this season, especially the holiday theme scented ones.

Personalized office supplies

Is your recipient an organized and tidy person? They might really appreciate some personalized office supplies. 


If all else is questionable, food is the way to go! Everyone loves goodies. Just make sure they aren't allergic to something. Another example, don't get chocolates for someone who doesn't like chocolate.

What are some gifts you've bought in the past for Secret Santa? What have you received? 


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