How To Bring Holiday Feels to the Office

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Fri, Dec 02, 2016 by Jobbuh

It's that time of year again! Holiday music playing on the radio, Chrismas lights everywhere, the scent of pine, and the warmth of fattening delicacies in your stomach. If you're as crazy about the holiday season as I am, then you probably feel a little sad when you leave the Holiday feels at home and go to work. If no one else is taking the initiative to bring those feels to the office, then take it upon yourself to do so. Here are some ways to make it feel like the holidays everyday in the office!

Be thankful for your coworkers

Although Thanksgiving has passed, it doesn't mean we have to go back to hating our coworkers. The holidays are all about thinking of others and spreading love. Why can't this be extended towards your coworkers? Without them, you couldn't finish your projects or have anyone to back you up when a client goes berserk. Sometimes coworkers are there to give you company when you're feeling down. And even if you don't get along with all your coworkers, you should be thankful for them if just for the holidays. You never know, you could be stuck with worse.

Bring in baked goods to work

Cookies!!! Pie!!! Hot chocolate!!! A huge part of the holiday excitement (if not all), is the junk food! Bake some goodies to bring into work. It's sure to lift the office spirit! Plus, who doesn't like munching on Christmas cookies all day?

Go out for a meal together

The holidays are all about becoming closer to your friends and family. What better way to bring people together than food? Plan a dinner after work with your workmates and if the company will pay, even better! Maybe that one coworker who looks at you like you got something growing on your face won't hate you as much. 

Secret Santa

This is the season to give so don't forget your work buddies. You spend almost seventy five percent of your time with them on a weekly basis. They become part of your family. Set up a Secret Santa in your office to help spread the fuzzy warm feelings.

Decorate your desk and office

Get permission and just decorate the office like it was a department store on Black Friday. Lights, stickers, inlfatable balloons, just everything. Of course avoid overdoing it and causing a fire hazard. Also, your boss might not be happy if he/she gets a seizure from super flashy lights.

Holiday music

It is NEVER too early for holiday music. Start that upbeat Christmas Pop station on Pandora to put a little jingle in your step as you work. Nothing like "All I want for Christmas" to help you rack in those sales!


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